Pantry Box

Our most popular Pantry Box includes 15 different products with 30 total units in each box.

  • Applesauce 2/15oz cans
  • Carrots 2/15oz cans
  • Green Beans 2/15oz cans
  • Whole Kernel Corn 2/15oz cans
  • Whole Tomatoes 2/14.5oz cans
  • Tomato Sauce 2/15oz cans
  • Vegetable Soup 2/10.75 cans
  • Peanut Butter 1/12oz jar
  • Pinto Beans 3/1lb bags
  • Spaghetti 2/1lb bags
  • White Chicken 2/5oz cans
  • Tuna 2/5oz cans
  • Quick Oats 1/18oz bag
  • Rice 3/1lb bags
  • Chicken Noodle Soup 2/10.75oz cans
Pantry Box Size Box Cost Total Box Price
60 count Pantry Box $24.45 $1,467
120 count Pantry Box $24.45 $2,934
240 count Pantry Box $24.45 $5,868
480 count Pantry Box $23.95 $11,496
720 count Pantry Box $23.45 $16,884

Each Pantry Box contains 30 pounds (184 servings) of shelf stable food, this can provide basic food sustenance for one person for up to a month. At a $22 price point, this is an incredible value for a basic necessity. This same product combination would cost almost twice as much at your neighborhood supermarket.

Each Pantry Box ships assembled with:
Food Products*
Custom Labels
Packaging Instructions
Free Promotional and Fundraising Materials
*Items are subject to change and vary based on availability. Please check with your Pantry Box sales specialist.